Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Aging out H4 Visa dependent children

According to the law, only the H4 visa dependent spouses of the principle H1 visa holders  have been  considered as immediate relatives. Many non-US born ( H4 visa dependent children)  children come legally with their high skilled parent/ parents in the USA at a young age. Due to the long wait for the  Green card, many of such H4 visa holder children who have attained 21 years  are aging out and moving back to their home countries.  

DACA Rule (Executive order) was implemented  in 2012. Under this rule, work permits are issued to the  eligible children of undocumented immigrants staying in the US. Several schools provide multiple education benefits to these children. This blog and author is not against extending such benefits to children of undocumented  immigrants, but feel that similar facilities should be extended to the dependent children of legal immigrants as well. Given the fact that legal immigrants' contribution to the US economy is much larger than that of undocumented immigrants, dependents of these legal immigrants should be provided equal opportunities, if not more.