Friday, February 14, 2014

Key points for contacting the lawmakers

Important points to mention while contacting any US official, Senator, Representative for supporting H4 visa  reform:

  • Explain the term H4 visa by adding that you are a legal, dependent spouse or child of a highly skilled H1B or EB category worker staying in the US for years. 
  • Let them know your story - qualification, previous job experience even if it is not a high skilled one, aging out kid, long wait to get a work permit, hurdles in getting a work permit even after getting a US professional degree etc. 
  • It is very Important to convince the law makers that how can  H4 visa holders can be an asset to the US economy by contributing to the tax revenue, starting new businesses, creating more jobs, increasing the buying power (buying house, new automobile etc). 
  • Request their support for the key amendments in the Immigration Reform  Bill which support H4 visa holders and provisions related to legal H1B or EB (Employment based) immigrants. Also request them to support USCIS rule which will allow work permits for H4 dependents.
  • Be polite and patient while discussing your issues with lawmakers and their staffers.
  • Feel free to mention our 'H4 Visa, A Curse' Facebook page, H4 visa blog,media stories links, videos published here. The lawmakers should know that it is not only a few but many others who are suffering from the implications of H4 visa.