Welcome to the blog H4 visa, a curse. This is an advocacy group which is trying to bring together H4 visa  dependents (male/ female) and non US born children of high skilled workers residing in the US. Unlike other immigrant and non immigrant visa dependents L2, J2, family based, diversity lottery,  refugee/ asylum visa,  H4s visa holders are not allowed to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) and  Employment Authorization Documentation ( EAD).  A long wait of 10 - 15 years to receive a Green Card adds to this misery. 

This blog and our new Facebook page is created to bring more attention towards  the H4 visa related issues, proposed amendments and advocacy ideas. We hope that with sufficient awareness, the law makers will understand the difficulties faced by the families of highly skilled workers. Provisions for work permits to H4 visa holders will prove  advantageous to the  US economy in various ways  such as an increase in entrepreneurship, job creation, tax payers, investment in real estate, automobile buyers, to name  a few. 

Please go through the links posted on this blog. Hopefully,  it will provide sufficient insight about the provisions related to the H4 visa. Advocate your voice for this cause by following the ‘Take Action’ link on the right hand side of the blog. Be a part of discussions and regular updates by liking our new Facebook page www.facebook.com/H4visaacurse

Disclaimer: All the information shared on this blog/ FB page/ FB group  has been taken from the official web pages of the related accredited agencies and experiences of various H4 visa holders. Consult an immigration attorney for specific information related to your individual case. Plagiarism is not welcomed by the admin. Strict action will be  for the same.