H4 visa Survey Results

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  • The survey  has been conducted between  May- July, 2014 with the help omembers of https://www.facebook.com/H4visaacurse
  • The sample size consisted of  400 current H4 visa holders presently residing in the United States.
  • H4 visa problem  has  not been  related to any certain immigrant group or a country. It includes nationals of  several countries -  India, Philippines. Algeria, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, UAE, UK, Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Spain, China, Sri Lanka,Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Indonesia.
  • Many H4 visa holders hold various  professional degrees and  work experience - Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Researchers, Scientists, Designers, Artists,Media professionals, Accountants, Attorneys, Architects, Management graduates, Culinary experts. 
  • Problems related to  H4 visa - Long wait to get a work permit, wastage of skills, no identity- SSN, financial dependence,  no equal rights like other immigrant dependents, domestic violence, depression, suicidal thoughts, insecurity, no protection laws, duped by job consultants, financial problems due to the single earning member.  
  • H4 visa holders  can be an asset to the US economy  Talent pool,  reduce outsourcing, more business owners, job creation, add tax payers, more investment in real estate, automobiles, increase in living standard, self confidence, independence to the dependents, more confidence in the US constitution. 
Conclusion -  Providing a work permit to the H4 visa holders will help them to create a better life for them as well  for their families.  Not only women but male members and dependent ( aging out H4 visa)  children  are also suffering on a H4 visa.  The long wait to receive a work permit or a Green Card has really devastated lives of many H4 visa holders. They are eager to contribute in the US economy by using their skill set and professional degrees. 

I am thankful to all the fellow H4 visa holders who have filled the survey and shared their stories. I hope the survey will provide a better insight about this issue. Special thanks to Ramya CR for helping with designing the info-graphic and coding  the survey. 

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